Monday, January 13, 2014


So all my links for my FTU kits and CU FREEBIES are suspended because someone reported me to 4 shared on a copyright infringement, so until I can get this resolved my links are no good, and I will not upload them anywhere else, because there are just too many to upload. I messaged 4 shared and the person who reported me and I am hoping that we can get this resolved, in the mean time, I will not be offering any freebies either. So sorry and I really enjoy giving freebies, it gives me great joy and now this has been taken away from me. I'm extremely annoyed and very discouraged.


Angel Rose said...

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I hate copywrite police. They accuse without knowing whether or not you are guilty. It's like screaming copycat in highschool. Seriously.... Hopefully you can get your links back and up and running. Good luck to you! And if you are wrongfully accused, you can bring charges against the person who reported you. There's a law for that, it's harassment.

Angela said...

Thank you!! It's honestly so frustrating, I mean they haven't even told me what part of the kit is a copyright infringement!

Lily said...

Too bad what happened, he just wants to annoy people, those people are very unpleasant, very sorry.

PashaCou said...

So sorry someone is giving you problems. I just love your work! Hopefully you'll be able to get everything straightened out.
I hope you have a lot better week.

CraftyCoffeeBear said...

4shared is known for doing this.
Someone supposedly reports you and they completely suspend your account and access to your files based on 1 complaint from some
unknown person...all without ever contacting you to ask you if it's even true.

I'm so glad you got your account back, but if you are paying for might want to check into dropbox and
mediafire. Mediafire lets you have a free account, which you can tweak to have direct downloads (no pop up ads), with a paid account.

Thanks for sharing all your beautiful creations.

((Hugs)) Kathie