Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cocoa Warms the Heart PTU Tut

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP. Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

:Supplies Needed: 

PSP X3 but any version will work
PTU Kit Cocoa and Candy Canes by Sinfully Creative Scraps by Crys found here
Tube of choice I chose a tube by Alex Prihodku found here
Font of choice, I used Olivier
Template I used is 176 by Elegant Inspirations found here
Add Drop Shadow as you go with your settings at -2, 1, 65, 10
**NOTE: You will need to resize all the elements to your liking**


Let's Begin!

  Open up Template and delete the copyright layer, (after you are done you can resize the template to your liking
So first delete the following layer from the template:
the copyright info

So starting from the bottom of the template and working our way up. At the very bottom of the layer palette, you will see background and right above that layer you will see the pink rectangle, this is where we are gonna put our first paper from the kit, I used paper 13 from the kit. Open up paper 8 from the kit and then right click copy, close off the paper (you can resize if you want but I didn't cause it really doesn't matter on this template) then right click paste as new layer above the pink rectangle. Now you will have another new layer with the paper above the pink rectangle. Now click the pink rectangle layer, not the paper we just pasted, on your Layers Palette and then go to Selections- Select All- Float- Defloat, then click the paper layer you just added, to highlight on the layers palette, then go up to Selections-Invert then hit Delete on your keyboard, Deselect, and now you will have a new layer with the paper the same shape as the Pink rectangle, you can delete that layer with the pink rectangle as you will not need it.  

So that is how you will add papers to each shape on the template. Just follow these same steps above. You can choose whatever papers you want from the kit, just get creative and have fun!

You can use my tag as a guideline.

So now that you have all your papers on the shapes of the template, this is where you will add your main tube. So open up your tube of choice and right click copy, close off tube, right click paste as new layer on the top of your template Re size her to your liking. Duplicate the tube 2 times for a total of 3 tubes, your main tube and 2 duplicates. So now move the duplicate tubes above the 2 circles on your layers palette, (we are going to just use her head in the circles), -See mine above- now on one of the tubes mirror her by going up to Image-then mirror. So now click on the 2 circles layer on your layers palette and then go up to Selections-Select All- Float- Defloat- then click on one of the duplicate tubes you just  placed above the white circles, then go to Selections-Invert-then hit delete on your keyboard, then click on the other duplicate tube and hit delete on your keyboard then deselect. Now both tubes are in the 2 circles. Then if you want you can change the blend mode to Luminance on both tubes

Now that we have the papers on the template and the tube placed where she needs to be, now you can get creative and copy and paste any elements from the kit, making sure you add each on as a NEW LAYER.
Add you copyright info and name and you are done! 
You can use my tag above as a reference!

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