Thursday, July 11, 2013

PTU Tut~Little Red

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP. 

Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

:Supplies Needed: 

PSP X3 but any version will work
PTU Scrap kit, Little Red by Creative Scraps by Crys found here
and this kit is EXCLUSIVE and can be found here
PTU tube by Pinup Toons and you need a license to use his work and you can find them here
Font of choice I used Miss Stanfort, QumpellkaNo12, and Adobe Caslon Pro Bold 
Mask of choice I used WSL-Mask 252 found here
Template I used is Template 55 by Kandi Kissez found here
Add Drop Shadow as you go with your settings at 2, 2, 65, 15

**NOTE: You will need to resize all the elements to your liking**

(after you are done you can resize the template to your liking, I did mine at 600 x 514)

 Let's Begin!

Open up Template

 Now I want you to delete the following from the template:
the copyright info
word art
red hearts
small red circles 
white raster layer at the bottom
Okay now open up paper 5 and right click copy, right click paste as new layer, and place at the very bottom of your layers palette, then add your mask 
Okay now we are going to add papers from the kit onto some of the template. Starting from the bottom of the template up, (Use these same directions for each paper we add I will only write them once):
Using paper 2, open it and right click copy and right click paste as new layer and place above the red half circle. Now highlight the red half circle on your layers palette and then go to Selections-Select All- Float- Defloat, then click on the paper we just added and go to Selections- Invert and hit delete on your keyboard then deselect. Your paper should now be above the red half circle, now you can delete the red half circle you won't need it.

Now follow these SAME directions on the rest of the template on the following, using your papers of choice, and remember we are working from the bottom layers of the template up to the top:
White rectangles, I used paper 8
Inner black rectangles, I used paper 1

Okay now open up your tube of choice and right click copy, then right click paste as new layer, place her where I have mine. Now we are going to place our tube in some rectangles on the template. So duplicate your tube 2 times for a total of 3 tubes. Now move the 2 copies under the red glitter frames on the template but above the black frame backs, mirror one of the tubes by going to Image-Mirror. Now using your magic wand, click inside the red glitter frames (make sure that layer is highlighted on your layers palette) hold down the shift key to click inside both frames, then go up to Selections-Modify-Expand-expand by 5, then click on one of the duplicate tube layer on your layers palette and then go to Selections-Invert and hit delete on your keyboard, then click on the other duplicate tube and hit delete on your keyboard, then deselect. Now your tubes should be inside the frames. With one of your tube still highlighted, go to Blend mode, (my blend mode is above my layers palette) and change it Luminance Legacy, then go to the other duplicate tube and hcange the blend mode for that one as well. It should now look like a black and white tube.

Now follow the paper process that I gave you above to place the tubes on the inner black rectangles which you just put a paper on, and then change the blend mode like you did above. Depending on the color paper you used, I used red, your tube will have the color of the paper you added. 

Now you can add any elements you want from the kit just making sure you add each one as a new layer, and don't forget to add drop shadow as you go, it makes a huge difference

Add your name and copyright info and here is where you can resize your tag if you want

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