Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haunted House FTU

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP. 
Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

:Supplies Needed: 
PSP X3 but any version will work
Animation Shop
FTU kit Haunted House by Cinnamon Scraps found here 
Tube of choice I am using the artwork of TooshToosh and you need a license to use; which you can find here
Ghost here in my supplies
Mask of choice I am using Mask 2 by Insatiable dreams found here
(It is in her Masks 3 Folder)
Font of choice I am using Frankendork
Add Drop Shadow as you go with your settings at 2, 2, 65, 15 

Let's Begin!

Open up a new image. I like to use a tagger size of 460 x 460
Flood fill white
Open up paper 1 and tight click copy, right click paste as new layer, add your mask
Then open up the moon and tree element making sure you copy and paste each one as a new layer
Now open up the haunted house 2 and copy and paste as new layer, position where you would like
Now you can add any other elements you wish just making sure you copy and paste each one as a new layer.
Add your name and copyright layer
Follow below to the rest of the tut if you wish to animate

:Animation Shop:
  Open up the ghost from my supplies and you will notice that there are 12 frames
, highlight all frames by holding the down the control button and the letter A on your keyboard (ctrl+A)
Now go back to PSP, and right click copy merged and then go back to AS and right click paste as new animation, highlight all frames (ctrl+A) and then go back to the ghost animation and making sure all the frames are still highlighted, right click copy, then on the tag in AS right click paste into selection 
View animation!

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Marlene said...

Thank you so much for the adorable tutorial and for layering the ghost for us!