Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Paparazzi FTU (No scraps)

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP. Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

:Supplies Needed: 
PSP X3 but any version will work
Animation Shop
I am using the artwork of Robert Alvarado and you need a license to use his work found here
Paparazzi Template made by me found here
My Supplies found here
Font of choice I am using Alba
Add Drop Shadow as you go with your settings at 2, 2, 65, 15

Let's Begin!
 Open up template, then duplicate the template by holding down the Shift + D, close out the original
Delete the copyright layer
Now on the red circle in the middle we are going to recolor it by doing a gradient of 3 colors from your tube, so click on gradient in your materials properties, then choose 3 colors from your tube, I used the black from her gloves for the first one, then I used white for the middle color, then I used the red from her hair for the last color, then on your layers palette highlight the red circle layer and then go to Selections-Float-Selections-Defloat, then with your flood fill tool, flood fill the red circle, it will prompt you that the layer needs to be converted to Raster just click okay.
Then on the black circle, right click, convert to raster, then go to Adjust-Add/Remove Noise-Add Noise- and your settings set at this: Gaussian and monochrome checked and noise intensity at 100%.

Now we are going to flood fill the text Paparazzi with the same gradient we made for the red circle in the middle, so with your magic wand tool, click inside each letter, hold down the shift key to click in multiple areas, then go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 2, then on your layers palette below the text, right click add new raster layer, and then flood fill on that layer in your text. 
Then go to Selections-Select None

Now on the left star, go to Selections-Float-Defloat. Now open up your tube and right click, copy and paste as new layer, duplicate. Now  mirror the first tube by going to Image-Mirror. Then move your tube on top of the left star, then go to Selections-Invert-Delete-Selections-Select None. Change the blend mode to Luminance. Now move your duplicate tube over on the right star, and follow the same directions you did for the left.

Now open up your tube again, and right click copy and paste as new layer. Duplicate, close off the duplicate, then on the colored circle go to Selections-Float-Defloat, then highlight the tube layer in your layers palette and go to Selections-Invert-Delete-Selections-Select None. Open up your duplicate tube and with your eraser erase the bottom sticking out over the circle.

Then on your bottom layer above the white background layer on your layers palette, right click, add new raster, then flood fill with the color black. 
Add your mask
Add your name and copyright info

Follow below to the rest of the tut if you would like to animate your tag.

:Animation Shop:
Back in PSP, right click, copy merged and paste into animation shop as new animation. Right click, copy then right click again and paste after current frame, repeat this for a total of 5 frames. Then minimize for now. 
Open up the flashing light from my supplies and you will see there are 2 frames but you only need to copy one frame, so highlight the first frame and right click, copy then maximize your tag that you minimized earlier and then right click, paste into selection, position your flash wherever you would like it, and then just keep right clicking and pasting your flashes wherever you would like them on all of the 5 frames. 
On my 1st frame I put a flash on the first "P" in paparazzi and over the "I", then on my 2nd frame I put a flash over the first "P" and the one between the second "A" and "R", on my 3rd frame I put a flash over the second "P" and the first "Z", then on my 4th frame I put a flash between the first "P" and the first "A", and finally on my 5th frame I put a flash on the side of the first "P" and the "I"
When you are satisfied, highlight all 5 frames by holding down the Ctrl key and the letter A, and then right click, frame properties and change it to 15
View animation!

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