Tuesday, December 7, 2010

PLEASE READ regarding my tuts

Okay I am realizing that just because a site says "free" backgrounds or "free" wallpapers, that is simply not the case. A site that I was using was not reliable and after looking into it more I saw a toosh-toosh tube being passed as a "free wallpaper". I just want to say that I am really truly sorry and I feel like an idiot for taking it as "reliable" With that said please discard these tuts if you did them from my Blog, and please discard the "supplies" The following tuts are removed from my blog because I'm just not sure if they are legal
                                 Time for Cocoa
                                  Autumn Bliss
                                  Dashing through the Snow (although I will re-do but without the animation of the bear) 

                                  A Polar Christmas

Again I am SO SORRY for the inconvenience. I know I could have gotten so many of you in trouble and maybe already have  I feel so stupid for not checking into the pics I was using. I promise from now on that all my tuts will be Copyright compliant.

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