Monday, December 27, 2010

Long Winters Nap FTU

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP. Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

:Supplies Needed: 
PSP X3 but any version will work
Animation Shop
FTU Merry X-mas Scrap Kit by Fantasy Moments found here 
Tube of choice I am using Pinup Toons and you need a license to use his work found here
Mask of choice I am using Mask 212 by Insatiable Dreams found here 
Snow animation in my Supplies here
Font used for "A Long Winters Nap" is Pea Keylor's Fun font
Font used for my name is Fontdinerdotcom Sparkly
Add Drop Shadow as you go with your settings at 2, 2, 65, 15

Let's Begin!
Open up a new image I like to use a tagger size of 461 x 461 

Flood fill white

Open up Element 61 and right click, copy and paste as new layer, then with your magic wand, click inside the frame and then go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 8, then open up paper 8 and right click, copy and paste as new layer under the star frame, then go to Selections-Invert-Delete-Select None

Open up your tube, right click, copy and paste as new layer and place her in front of the frame, see my example above. Then open up element 41 and right click, copy and paste as new layer, open up element 52 and right click, copy and paste as a new layer. Open up any other elements you want making sure you copy and paste each as a new layer.

Then type out "Time for A Long Winters Nap". To give your words an outline, follow these directions:
Type out your Words, then go to Select All- Float-Defloat-Modify-Expand by 2, then on your layers palette on the layer below your text, right click, add new raster level, and then flood fill with white.
Open up paper 6 and right click, copy and paste as new layer, add your mask, invert your mask

Add your name and copyright info
If you want to animate your tag follow down to the rest of the tut

:Animation Shop:
Open up the snow from my supplies and you will notice there are 10 frames. Highlight the first snow frame and then right click, copy then go back to PSP and close off all layers except for:
the white background, 
your mask layer, 
your copyright layer, 
and your star shaped paper, not the star frame but the paper that you put below it, it should be in the shape of the star frame
Then right click, paste as new layer. You will now see the first snow frame on your blue star shaped paper, now with your eraser, erase the snow that is sticking out on the sides of the star shaped paper, so that way the snow is only on top of the star shaped paper. Then right click, copy merged and paste into animation shop as new animation.

Then in AS highlight the 2nd snow frame and right click, copy and then go back to PSP, and close off the snow layer you just did, and then right click, paste the 2nd snow frame as a new layer, and then like you did before erase the parts of the snow that are sticking out, right click, copy merged in AS after current frame. You should now have 2 frames.

Now keep repeating the same process for the rest of the 10 frames. When you are done you should have 10 frames in AS.
Now when you are done copying over the snow frames, go back to PSP and open up the rest of the layers but closing the ones you just worked on. So you should only have these layers open:
the actual star frame,
your tube,
the 2 stars,
the words, "Time for a Long Winters Nap",
your name,
and any other elements you used
Right click, copy merged and paste as new animation in AS, then right click, copy and paste after current frame, repeat this process for a total of 10 frames. Then Select All (ctrl+A) and right click, copy (all 10 frames), and paste onto your animation with the snow. 

View animation!

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