Thursday, November 25, 2010

Peppermint Twist PTU

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP. Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

:Supplies Needed: 
PSP X3 but any version will work
Animation Shop
 Scrap kit by Gemini Creationz called Peppermint Twist PTU found here 
Thanks Vicki!
Tube of choice I am using Elias Chatzoudis and you need a license to use his work found here
Mask is WSL3 found here
Add Drop Shadow as you go with your settings at 2, 2, 65, 15 
Let's Begin!
 Open up a new image any size you like. You can start with 700x700 and resize later. 
Flood fill white
Open up frame 5 and right click, copy and paste as new layer with your magic wand click inside the frame and then go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 5, then open up paper 8, and right click, copy and paste as new layer under the frame, then go to Selections-Invert-Delete-Deselect. With your magic wand again click inside the frame and then go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 5 then open up your tube and and copy and paste as new layer and place her where I have mine, place below the frame, duplicate and place the duplicate above the frame and close off that duplicate layer.On the first tube layer go to Selections-Invert-Delete-Deselect, then open up the duplicate layer and erase the parts of her leg right leg
Open up frame 1 and right click copy and paste as new layer behind the first frame see example above, with your magic wand click inside the frame and then go to Selections-Modify-Expand by 5 then open up your tube, then go to Selections-Invert-Delete-Deselect. Duplicate, close off the duplicate layer, Then change the blend modes for both tubes to Luminance. Close your original tube and on your duplicate using your push brush and zooming in on your tag 2 times, making sure your settings are set as:
Size- 4, Hardness-47, Step- 10, Density-100, Thickness-100, Rotation-0, Opacity-50
and pushing down from her eyelid to her eye, giving it a covered look 
Open up the christmas lights copy and paste as new layer, erase parts of the lights that are hanging on the side of the frame and duplicate, close off the duplicate layer. Using your freehand selections tool trace around the first bulb, and then skip one bulb and trace around the next, keep doing this until you have traced around every other bulb, to select more than one bulb hold down your shift key. Then go to Adjust-Brightness and Contrast-Brightness/Contrast- settings set at  Brightness 40 and Contrast 0. Close off that layer and open up the duplicate bulb layer, and do the same but for the other bulbs that you skipped over
Open any elements you want and place where you would like them.
Open up paper 8 and add your mask, invert your mask
Add your name and copyright info

Follow below to Animation Shop
:Animation Shop: 
So in PSP close off the duplicate tube in the round frame, and close off the duplicate Christmas bulbs, then right click copy merged and paste in animation shop as new animation, then go back to PSP and close the original tube in the round frame and close off the original Christmas bulbs and then open the duplicates of the tube in the circle frame and the  duplicate Christmas bulbs, right click copy merged in animation shop after current frame. Highlight the first frame and right click, go to Frame properties and set it at 200, then highlight the second frame and right click, go to frame properties and set at 50
View animation!

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