Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rocker Babe (No Scraps)

Hello I have this fun tutorial for you tonight!

This tutorial was written for those who have a working knowledge of PSP. Any similarity to another tutorial is purely coincidental.
:Supplies Needed:
Template Rocker Babe by Kristin & Aqua at Creative Misfits Creations here
Tube of choice I am using Ismael Rac, you need a license to use his work found here
Font of choice I am using Lunar Bar
 Drop shadow on each element settings at 4, 4, 40, and 4.0 color black
Animation Shop

Let's Begin!
 Open up template and duplicate shift+D, close out the original one. I deleted template copyright info, rectangles and left/right tone.
On the pink ring Select All, Float, Defloat, flood fill with a color from your tube. I used color #e62b88. Repeat this process again on the pink grad circles, and pink star. For the text Rocker Babe, hold shift+L put your settings at
Hue 225, Saturation 250
Go back to the pink ring Select All, Float, Defloat and add Nose with settings at Gaussian checked, Noise at 100, and monochrome checked, deselect

Open up your tube and place above the Pixel words, duplicate, rename as tube1 and tube 2, and bring tube 2 to the top, use your eraser tool around the parts of the tube 2 that are sticking out.

Use the magic wand and select the small, right, pink grad circle. Copy and paste your tube again on the smaller right pink grad circle place where just her head is on it, invert, delete, deselect. Do the same process on the small, left, pink grad circle. Change to hard light on both pics and duplicate both, you should now have 4.
Use your magic wand on the black circle, copy and paste your tube, you will need to enlarge, and rename this layer head shot 1, move it  to the right, invert, delete, deselect. Do the same on the left side of the black circle but mirror the tube, rename layer head shot 2, Lower the opacity down to 50 on both.

Add your name and copyright info. 
If you want to animate follow on to the rest of the tut.

♥Animation Shop♥
In PSP close everything except the black circle, pixel words and head shots 1 and 2. Copy merged and paste into animation shop as new animation.
In animation shop Insert Image effect and choose Rotate colors, settings at  effect length 2.0 seconds and 4 frames per second. You should now have 9 frames. Minimize these frames you will open them later.
Go back to PSP and close the black circle, pixel words and head shots 1 and 2, and open up the raster layer, copyright info text layer, left/right black circles, the right/left white glitter circles, the right/left pink grad circles, all 4 copies of the tube heads that were on the small, pink grad circles. Copy merged and past into Animation shop as new animation, Copy and paste after current frame, copy and paste one more time, you should now have 3 frames, select all 3 frames, copy and paste after current frame, you should now have 6 frames, paste once more after current frame you should now have 9 frames total. Select All 9 frames. Minimize you will open later.
Now maximize the first animation you made, select All, copy, minimize again. Now maximize your second animation and paste your first animation into selected frames and position.
Now go back to PSP and close up all the layers you just used and open up both copies of the tube, the large pink glitter ring, all the stars and the Rocker Babe text, copy merged and paste into animation shop as a new layer. Copy and paste 9 frames like you did above, then Select all and copy and paste onto the animation. Change frame animation to 15 , view animation and you are done!
Hope you enjoyed my tut!

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